01 March 2008


Huzzah! We finally got Ye Olde Internet hooked up to our new place, which means that I won't have to dodge the cyber-cafe barista's stink eye anymo'. And that's a good thing. This, too, is, of course, a sign that we're somewhat settled into our temporary new abode. We'll call this place home for a couple months or so, before moving on down the line, eventually to the wide, flat place they call Iowa.

It's weird that we're gonna be moving to Iowa. I never once in my life thought, "I'd love to see Iowa someday." It's just not the kind of place that crosses my kind of mind. I think of places like Berlin and LA, Boston and Guam. Places I'd love to visit, or avoid altogether. Not Iowa, though. Never gave it a thought...until now. Who knows what mysteries Iowa is sitting on? I don't know. Maybe the shadow knows.

This foto is proof positive that Eleanor dines only upon the most choice cuts of literary criticism. Here, we see her getting down with the dynamic duo of Greil Marcus & Lester Bangs. (That's a lie, of course. She don't care if it's Rod McKuen or Moses, just give her something she can sink her nascent li'l teeth into and she's good to go.) That's my li'l lit-crit, po-mo darlin'.