08 March 2013

Scar Tissue

Normal Calabash Wearing Mother

  my speakers say MEGA BASS and I picture a large prehistoric fish gobbling up porkbelly futures comma comma no more drama barbs along the wire in regular intervals as if recording the peak experiences of a landscape hexed by crossroads and division

13 February 2013

12 February 2013


       It is Mardi Gras again. Even better, my youngest, Holiday, is no longer in cloth diapers. The era of pull-ups is upon us, and it happened almost without me noticing it. Lo, for the past five years have been a prolonged series of committed exposures to my offspring's crap & pee. At first it was filthy, then it was novel. Then it was just another thing to do in the long list of Sisyphian things a schmo like myself must do: rinse the diaper, disinfect the diaper, wash the diaper, dry the diaper, put the diaper on the kid...Finally, with Holiday, it became a non-event, an act of numbed-out Taoist (in)action. Something I could easily handle while simultaneously eating a turkey sandwich. A few days ago it dawned on me that I hadn't skeeted off a diaper in over a month.

07 February 2013

Ad Astra Per Astral

        In December I traveled to the Outer Banks, a section of the NC coast line that exists on another astral plane. On this plane there is, among other things, delicious seafood.

06 February 2013

04 February 2013

Alien Mask

       I made this alien mask for last Halloween. Incidentally, it's practically soundproof.

02 February 2013


        Reflections of altar candles on Lexington Avenue on Dia De Los Muertos, 2012.

31 January 2013


       Yesterday it was sixtysomething degrees in North Carolina, with thick cloud cover, high winds and rain. When I woke up this morning the house was chilly. I looked out the window. There was snow on the ground and the sky was a bluish void. These photos were taken back in October, though. The same exact thing happened then, too.

30 January 2013

Not A Black Widow

       I mentioned the black widows. This is not one of them. But see those mountains in the distance? That's Appalachia, baby. An entire ocean of mountains, wave upon wave, and some of the oldest in the world at that.

Looking Westward

       During the late summer, this is what the path along the South-facing side of our house looks like. I have found several black widows here.

Back To It

       We are now connected to the internet once again after a seven month-long hiatus (during which time my family and I relocated to North Carolina and have been slowly settling in.)  My activity on this blog has been pretty minimal - a few posts here and there as time and technology have allowed.
        Anyway, this is the view from my back porch. I took this photo back in August, I think. Since then, I have taken many photos of the view from my back porch. What does any of it mean? Stay tuned & maybe you'll find out.


Some Dry Stems I Collected

Four Mornings Ago