31 July 2012

2 a.m.

2 a.m. insomniac-   neighbors 
in their den,      illuminated
 Catullus drives   by in     a 
lowered  metal  flake  Impala, 
 drunk on  the  sky,  down by 
law &  eating cherry tomatoes

30 July 2012


  "it takes concentration  to calm down & notice
   what u feel       in your bones" he said
   opening the window   the lilacs were just blo-
   oming an order  of turkeys deep  in the ditch,
   looking magnificent

21 July 2012

What It Is

          is it a landscape

          or four panels

          or separate vistas

          set in juxtaposition

          all this sameness

          & feelings bound

          to other feelings

          makes a speedy re-

          covery doubtful

          another day,

          another death spasm

          is it a landscape

          made of associations

          it it loss

12 July 2012