13 February 2013

12 February 2013


       It is Mardi Gras again. Even better, my youngest, Holiday, is no longer in cloth diapers. The era of pull-ups is upon us, and it happened almost without me noticing it. Lo, for the past five years have been a prolonged series of committed exposures to my offspring's crap & pee. At first it was filthy, then it was novel. Then it was just another thing to do in the long list of Sisyphian things a schmo like myself must do: rinse the diaper, disinfect the diaper, wash the diaper, dry the diaper, put the diaper on the kid...Finally, with Holiday, it became a non-event, an act of numbed-out Taoist (in)action. Something I could easily handle while simultaneously eating a turkey sandwich. A few days ago it dawned on me that I hadn't skeeted off a diaper in over a month.

07 February 2013

Ad Astra Per Astral

        In December I traveled to the Outer Banks, a section of the NC coast line that exists on another astral plane. On this plane there is, among other things, delicious seafood.

06 February 2013

04 February 2013

Alien Mask

       I made this alien mask for last Halloween. Incidentally, it's practically soundproof.

02 February 2013


        Reflections of altar candles on Lexington Avenue on Dia De Los Muertos, 2012.