23 September 2011

Sky Of The Day (No. 22)

Sometimes a sky will
mimic the Mississippi River and
sometimes the daytime
cheats on the night,
blood about the arnica seed,
kneading the breasts of the atmosphere
where nightmares clash.
I once saw a sky in Paducah
missing half its face. Mama,
we don't always know volition,
but sometimes the sky will
whistle while it sharpens
its blades for the resolution.

22 September 2011

Sky Of The Day (No. 21)

Astronauts are not grape clusters
and geniuses are not children
who reflect light from
the bottom of the palimpsest
while airplanes collide.

21 September 2011

Sky Of The Day (No. 20)

Had great big meal of weather balloons 
eased back into the atmosphere
loosened her belt of clouds-

20 September 2011

Sky Of The Day (No. 19)

Today's sky looked on as the Great Blondin took to the tightrope over Niagara Falls in 1859. It regarded Halley's bursting comet sparks in 164 BC. And it has rained Bob Kaufman's ancient rain a thousand nights or more. Today it sips coffee from a Thermos in a park near you.

19 September 2011

Sky Of The Day (No. 18)

This sky's father died when it was a year from graduating high school. Its younger sister, in response, went the way of the Goth. Its younger brother, a closeted homosexual, became hypermasculine and joined the football team. This sky's mother now hoards her purchases from the Home Shopping Network. Feral cats nest on the borders of her acreage. At night, in her bedroom window, the cold dull glow of television.

18 September 2011

Sky Of The Day (No. 17)

Sky of the day no. 17 is lovely to talk with, lovely to walk with. You do not hold it against her that she borrowed and failed to return your signed copy of Bottomless Belly Button, leaving you bored on that long bus ride from your apartment to your job, job to apartment, and on and on 'til the last syllable of recorded time, and faintly warmed by the autumn sun.

17 September 2011

Sky Of The Day (No. 16)

Before the clouds rolled in, today's sky was a deep, calibrated event of ether-wisps.

16 September 2011

Sky Of The Day (No. 15)

Industrial energy, into which complicated sky took a nosedive, reminded the nightmare of primal matter and excesses of moral solution. (Sound of a blade humming against whetstone.)

15 September 2011

Sky Of The Day (No. 14)

This sky has a cancer plan and secret catalogs of hot merchandise. It dreams of poached eggs, luna moths, endangered species, and human breasts that leak milk. It despises bottle rockets, longs to know love, and doesn't give a fig about the sea.

14 September 2011

Sky Of The Day (No. 13)

Percentage of Americans who believe pornography is "morally wrong": 66%
Percentage of Americans who believe the death penalty is: 28%

13 September 2011

Sky Of The Day No. 12 Is In Past Tense

This sunrise was spotted approx. ten days ago over Iowa - I was many thousands of feet above the earth's crust at the time and the "You Must Buckle Your Seat Belt" icon had just gone dim.

11 September 2011

There Is God

During a recent trip to North Carlina, I took an early morning stroll along highway 70 towards Black Mountain. I found these two signs nailed to a telephone pole in front of a mobile home covered in hog wire.

10 September 2011

Sky Of The Day (No. 11)

A thought of Daniel Johnston occurred in empty space. In the Dairy Queen parking lot, the daughter of the police chief read the results of her pregnancy test. It was an American Saturday afternoon of stray cats and oily puddles.

09 September 2011

Sky Of The Day (No. 10)

When squirrels sit in samadhi, they do it here, under a sky manufactured in mid-century Detroit.

08 September 2011

Sky Of The Day (No. 9) - Neocolonialist Sky

A mild sky. His arms are soft and full of lenience. A thousand pages later, he's monetizing the Gold Coast.

07 September 2011

Girl Of The Day

Nevermind the sky. Girl turns one year old and declares war on Godzilla, spawn of the atom, who has attacked Tokyo and fled to the lou in miniature form. Girl emerges victorious, releases international pardons for all humans and atomic beasts incarcerated. Makes tap dancing the new national anthem. Eats a slice of cake. Naps.

01 September 2011


I've got a bug of some kind in my philosophical system. Or maybe it's in my theosophy gland. I'm uncertain. My symptoms include: rumors, rhinestones, nightmare cramps, an acrimonious mermaid, and blogging about Sky-man and the bats.