06 December 2012

Woodfin Revelation

And the stars of the sky fell to the earth as the fig tree sheds its winter fruit when shaken by a gale.
-Revelation 6:13

Woodfin Lunar

06 August 2012

Another First-Person Narrative

Big Buck Hunter saw plenty of action
while I sat starving for tacos
and the tambourine girl 
shook her Marxist derriere  
to a cumbia rhythm.

31 July 2012

2 a.m.

2 a.m. insomniac-   neighbors 
in their den,      illuminated
 Catullus drives   by in     a 
lowered  metal  flake  Impala, 
 drunk on  the  sky,  down by 
law &  eating cherry tomatoes

30 July 2012


  "it takes concentration  to calm down & notice
   what u feel       in your bones" he said
   opening the window   the lilacs were just blo-
   oming an order  of turkeys deep  in the ditch,
   looking magnificent

21 July 2012

What It Is

          is it a landscape

          or four panels

          or separate vistas

          set in juxtaposition

          all this sameness

          & feelings bound

          to other feelings

          makes a speedy re-

          covery doubtful

          another day,

          another death spasm

          is it a landscape

          made of associations

          it it loss

12 July 2012

19 June 2012

12 May 2012

Finishing Up

"When the music's over / turn out the lights."
- Jim Morrison

05 May 2012


...And the morning sun is coming soon.

26 April 2012

"If Angelboy didn't like you, you knew it."

"Like how Frankie Avalon's jawline sometimes intrudes from another time-space."