11 June 2008

Tomorrow: Paducah

Today was all about renting a U*Haul, packing, and eating Mallo Cups. Tomorrow will be all about driving 400+ miles to Paducah, Kentucky in a big rented truck. Paducah's the 1/2-way point between here & Iowa, and luckily I'll have my cousin Lesley riding shotgun, because I'm actually not a huge fan of Kentucky...strange as it may seem. Lesley's agreed to hang out with us for a whole month in Iowa City, which is rocking good news. She's a huge help with Eleanor, but also just a good kid who is also somewhat nutty in that she hates eating tacos but will gladly empty the contents of a taco onto her plate and eat that just fine, thank you very much.

Anyway, today's been an emotional day. I felt sad, nostalgic, happy, excited, and even complete loathing for the two women in Woodbury, Georgia, who staffed the gas station with the dirt parking lot where I was scheduled to pick up my U*Haul and trailer. Of course, despite my reservation, it was all fucked up and they were absolutely no help at all, since they couldn't operate their computer except to play electronic blackjack and didn't even know how to hook the trailer to the truck (both of which I was renting from them), fer the love of Krishna. "I don't know what to tell you, besides I. Have. No. Idea. How To Hook That Trailer Up," the manager said to me, deftly explaining that I was S.O.L. But I just called my boy Greg over in Manchester and he hooked a brother up with the goods. (Of course, this means that my 30 min. trip to the U*Haul place turned into a 3 hour odyssey.) My man Greg...that's what I'm talkin' about.

Anyway, Janelle is the woman I love and she just made the Excellent Taco Feast that has put me in a free and easy mood. I think I'll go stand around outside now and look for UFO's under the black, gunky canopy of night. Maybe go for a swim. Tomorrow, we ride the whale North!

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