16 June 2008

The Facts of Iowa

Due to the following facts, Dr. Desiree’s Philological Fotomat has been temporarily placed in suspended animation:

(1) We made it to Iowa City, after a feat of long-distance driving and cross-country coordination that would make NASA blush in envy.
(2) We are therefore exhausted and are now surrounded by boxes of things in a small apartment we’ll be sub-letting for the next 6 weeks.
(3) Time is short and though the days are long, any free time is best spent, not by blogging, but by tending to the “immediate items of existence and survival.”
(4) Iowa City is flooded, and the waters won’t crest until tomorrow.
(5) We live right next to a creek.
(6) We do not have access to internet, because, even though we live in an apartment surrounded by people with wi-fi accounts, they’re all on lock-down. Why these Iowan tenants are so possessive of their airwaves is somewhat of a mystery to me, but this cannot be helped. I am typing this right now in an internet café several blocks from my home. There are paintings on the wall. The artist is skilled.

When enough of the above concerns have been met, dealt with, and dispatched, Dr. Desiree is gonna roll back up on the scene like a vigilante of love in a Cadillac on 22’s. Until then, be well, dear readers. We’re all safe n’ sound.


dungan said...

out of the frying pan and into the... sauce pan?

Todd said...

Hey hey hey kids. I spoke to your Maw and saw the folks on Sunday. I picked up Jesus and the tickets. Michael Stipe will miss you, but he understands.

All the best to you guys, let me know if I can offer assistance from the Southland . . . this offer is valid for the next 4 weeks until Rox flies in and we coordinate the migration to Chicago.

Let the reverse-carpet-bagging begin!