10 July 2008


This is Eleanor riding on my back. Note finger in mouth. That means that, yes, Sweet Jesus, another glorious round of teething has commenced. G_d help us. Last night she woke up every thirty minutes or thereabouts, causing me and the Missus to hallucinate and sleepwalk throughout the day. We're old pro's by now, though, so we know that all you can do on a day like today is try and pretend you're a fully functional Homo Sapiens and avoid making any major life decisions. In about four hours, we're driving to Chicago for the weekend. Mix tapes and road coffees...and hopefully the nipper will sleep. (Dr. Desiree crosses his fingers, calls on Saint Anthony, throws salt over his shoulder, bows before Shiva, and tosses a live goat into the mouths of all ancient ruins.)

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