27 July 2008

20 Q's

(1) Is your chin a work of art?

(2) Has your chin superceded you?

(3) Has your chin let you down?

(4) Are you in fear of your chin?

(5) How many chins do you have?

(6) Are your chins and shins locked in competition?

(7) If you begin a question with the words, “a chin…” you are one letter off from beginning said question with the Arabic name, “Achim.” What is your response to this fact?

(8) Chins were invented by Amerigo Vespucci in Springfield, Mass. in 1891. (True or False)

(9) How does your chin influence your political affiliation?

(10) If you do not approve of the one currently issued, what kind of chin would you most like to have? If you do approve, please explain your latest nightmare.

(11) If the chin is the seat of the soul, what is the seatbelt?

(12) How many chins equal an arm?

(13) If you were a famous celebrity chin, which would you be?

(14) What if you had no chin? How would this affect your usual daily routine?

(15) Is your chin:

(a) practical


(c) of no use at all

(d) a helpful place to store small objects.

(choose more than one, if necessary)

(16) What if chins went extinct?

(17) Is a chin sentient?

(18) How many nerve endings are in the human chin? The wolverine chin?

(19) Does the chin seek to unite? Or cast asunder?

(20) How does a chin persist?

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